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We live in strange times. Covid-19 has virtually taken over the entire world. The virus is everywhere, causing major changes in our daily lives. Turn 'Corona' over and it says 'Anoroc', which comes from the ancient Chinese and means 'to create'. That is what we do at Van Vijfeijken, create solutions with the resources we have. 

We understand like no other that you are not always able to be physically present on site. But before you make a large purchase, you would like to see all the technical data, functionalities and as much potential as possible.

At Van Vijfeijken this is not a problem, we will relieve you of all your worries. Using smart technological tools, we give you a personal tour of your chosen vehicle.  Sign up for a 'Virtual Test Drive' and experience how your desired vehicle drives and functions from your own office or living room. It is as if you are driving the vehicle yourself or steering the machine. Totally live!

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      Remote advice

      With our many years of expertise, we can also assist you in your remote purchase, even outside office hours.

      We understand that you do not always have enough time in your calendar to be present at all locations. That is why we offer you remote advice. We can send you as many photos as you want, possibly videos, live facetime or video calling via whatsapp are among the possibilities. We can send you a copy of all related or necessary documents of the vehicle you are interested in.

      The estimated transport cost is the total of the transport costs under 1 and 2. It includes insurance and all paperwork.

      1. Transport by van Vijfeijken Handelsonderneming B.V. to a Dutch or Belgian seaport.

      2. Transport by the shipping company to ports worldwide.

      We can transport the vehicle you have bought to any destination in the world. For European destinations, this usually involves road transport. For destinations further away, we provide transport to a Dutch or Belgian seaport. From there the vehicle is shipped to the country of destination. In our online catalogue, you can request an indication of the transport costs for each vehicle to the most common destinations worldwide.

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